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Tiger Pool

The home version of Valley's most popular coin-operated pool table, the Tiger can stand up to the toughest environment.
  • Solid, one piece, 7/8 " imported slate
  • Tapered corners and legs for an aggressive stance
  • One-piece ball return chute nearly eliminates stuck balls
  • Easy-to-adjust leg leveler allows one person to level a table in minutes with standard wrench
  • Thick cushion rail rubber delivers consistent bounce
  • Biltmore Cherry wood grain laminate compliments a variety of decors
  • Valley Teflon Ultra Stain-Resistant green cloth helps resist stains



The Platinum Tour Edition combines the durability and solid construction found on Tornado products for years, and the upgrades that Tournament Players have asked for. The Three man goalie and ITSF-certified Single-goalie tables both feature


Pro Style

You'll have countless hours of fun on the arcade-tested ProStyle. It's testament to toughness is that it is approved for play by the U.S. Air Table Hockey Association


Super Chexx

The ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Table is the original and still the best dome hockey game around. In this classic arcade game, two players control five hockey players each by sliding and spinning the rods, trying to knock the black puck into each others goals. The automatic puck return system serves the hockey puck by popping it up from the middle of the playing field after every goal. For a truly exceptional bubble hockey experience, the overhead scoring mechanism records goals, shots on goal, period, and running time. The player to score the most goals before the time runs out wins. If a game is tied after the normal game play it will automatically go into sudden death overtime - so theres always a winner on the ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Table!


Pac Man

Some things just get better with time. Nothing compares to the arcade originals. With 13 classic games, re-live the glory days of the arcade in your own home. Gather around with friends and family to experience the look, feel and sounds you can only get with the real thing. Share old memories with friends and family and make new ones for years to come.