We offer a great selection of air hockey to choose from. To learn more visit the manufacturer websites below.

Blue Streak

The new Dynamo Blue Streak: combines eye-catching graphics and advanced technology that will take the coin-op industry by storm.


Short Shot

It's the not-so-big new thing from Dynamo. Short Shot takes the robust and durable Dynamo construction you rely on and puts it in a small, feature-packed package. It's the right size for those smaller players, but not too small for grown-up players. Customers asked for it, and now it can be yours.


Fire Storm

Dynamo's exciting new Fire Storm hockey comes home. Packed with every thrilling feature found on our coin operated Fire Storm (except the coin mechanism) it is certain to liven up any game room; and because it is built with the same robust construction of our coin operated Fire Storm it will keep that room lively for many years to come. Invest in the best.